“White Noise” exhibition open until March 17


Cesar Maya

The exhibition can be found at the Phebe Conley Art Gallery. (Cesar Maya/The Collegian)

By Cesar Maya, Reporter

David Hembree, a director of development at Fresno State, currently has a graduate art show in the Phebe Conley Art Gallery titled “White Noise.”
“It has been an amazing experience,” Hembree said. “From the professors I have worked with to fellow grad students, [it’s been] just fantastic.”
The art exhibition runs from 10 a.m through 4 p.m. on Monday to Friday until Friday, March 17. Hembree said that anyone should feel free to visit the gallery before it ends.
“White Noise” follows a remembered experience.

“Layers,” a piece by David Hembree, is a screenprint latex collage on plexiglass displaying astronaut helmets. (Cesar Maya/The Collegian)

“The background pattern present in most of the work is taken from the ‘snow’ or ‘static’ signal from analogue TV,” Hembree said.
Hembree is not only a student currently pursuing an M.A. in art and design at Fresno State, he is also the director of development for the division of student affairs and enrollment management on campus.
According to the Fresno State campus news website, Hembree enjoys his work with student affairs and the basic assistance it has allowed him to give to students.
Previously, Hembree and a team of others have assisted in creating endowments for basic needs programs such as the student cupboard and the Renaissance Scholars Program.
Hembree is passionate about connecting resources to those in need, according to the website. He finds it rewarding to be able to make a difference for those Fresno State students and families.
A similar passion can be found in the way Hembree has utilized his art to engage with the audience it has encapsulated.
“I want the audience to be intrigued,” Hembree said. “Perhaps considering what myths or propaganda they have been influenced by, or perhaps they will look at their own contextual experiences in a different way.”
Angel Lesnikowski, a peer of Hembree’s in the graduate art program, said that they’ve discussed techniques and purposes found within their respective works.
“He’s inspiring because he becomes passionate about what he wants to do with his work, which is [to] create a nostalgic feeling with the viewer while addressing the fading of memory,” Lesnikowski said. “He works efficiently with an amount of quality that is inspiring. As a fellow grad student, his exhibit is what I aspire to achieve.”
Lesnikowski also said that the quality of each piece is inspiring.
He has goals for what he further wishes to expand upon within his art.

“Product Placement – Moon Shot,” features a series of spaceships made using acrylic and screen-prints on wood panels. (Cesar Maya/The Collegian)

“I want to explore a little more with Plexiglas on a larger scale and begin to explore the use of more color,” Hembree said.
This would differ from Hembree’s “White Noise,” as many of the pieces featured in the exhibition follow a pattern of black and white acrylics on canvases and wood panels.
Hembree credits the support of family, friends and colleagues as being a significant factor in the success of the exhibition. He is especially grateful for his wife, Karen, who he said has supported this effort throughout its entirety.
In both his artistic and professional endeavors, Hembree enjoys being able to bring creativity to his work, according to the campus news website. He is often found creating art at home and the M Street Studio in Downtown Fresno, where he has previously showcased his work as a graduate student.
The exhibition of Hembree’s graduate art show will continue to be shown until Friday, March 17, in the Phebe Conley Art Gallery.