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The Collegian is hiring for two editorial positions:

Copy Editor: The Collegian publishes a number stories every week pertaining to many topics. The Copy Editor will solely focus on editing stories during the revision process before being published. The ideal candidate must have a strong understanding of AP style and edit stories from News, Lifestyle, Opinion and Sports sections for syntax, grammar and overall comprehension. Responsibilities also include formulating weekly newsletters of The Collegian’s top stories for subscribed readers. Knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and previous experience with editing in AP Style is highly encouraged. Resume/Portfolio required. This is a paid position for 15 hours per week.

Opinion/Outreach Editor: Responsible for outsourcing Letters to the Editor and guest columns/opinion pieces from the community on relevant subjects. Would also encourage Collegian staff to write well-reported and researched opinions/columns. The ideal candidate is someone who keeps up with the latest trends and events happening locally, nationally, worldwide and on the Internet. They should also have a strong editing skillset, including fact-checking, researching, reading comprehension, as well as good communication, time management, teamwork, and candor. The Opinion/Outreach Editor’s goal should be to create a civil forum of conversation through The Collegian with the student body and the community as a whole, while still maintaining The Collegian’s values of integrity and professionalism. Previous experience with research and reporting Opinion/Column writing is highly encouraged. Resume/Portfolio required. This is a paid position for 12 hours per week.

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The Collegian is hiring for two staff positions:

Reporter: Reporters are the backbone of The Collegian. They take on story assignments from section editors, covering events and topics related to News, Lifestyle, Sports and Opinion. As representatives of The Collegian brand, Reporters are responsible for communicating with editors on weekly story assignments, providing coverage, writing stories on deadline, cultivating sources and reviewing story edits made during the revision process. Reporters are expected to write at least 1 story every week. The ideal candidate(s) will have: a passion for journalism, a hunger to cover breaking news, good time management skills, open communication with sources and editors alike, a strong AP Style writing foundation, journalistic integrity and trustworthiness, professionalism, and a positive attitude. Photography/Videography skills not required, but highly encouraged. This is a paid position for 6 hours per week.

Contributor: Contributors do the same work as reporters, but are unpaid. As a contributor, you will receive the same feedback and support from the editors as reporters do. Since contributors are unpaid and volunteer their time, they are under no obligation to write a story every week, and are free to pick up stories from editors whenever they are available. Contributors still have their stories posted on The Collegian website, with the potential to have their stories published on The Collegian’s Paw Print, its special edition magazine that is produced twice a semester. The role of a contributor is flexible and allows students to build up their portfolio and try their hand at writing in AP Style and photojournalism.

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If you have any questions, reach out to us on social media @fscollegian.


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