Local vendors set up shop at Campus Pointe in monthly event


Central Valley businesses sets up booths, promoting clothing brands and jewelry, at Campus Pointe on the first Saturday of every month. (Cesar Maya/The Collegian)

By Cesar Maya, Reporter

As students begin the spring semester, Campus Pointe may be the perfect place to stop by to support local clothing brands and vendors on the first Saturday of every month.

For the past few months, Central Valley businesses have set up booths, selling collectibles, jewelry, boutiques and vintage clothing. Many vendors come to Campus Pointe because of the welcoming environment from the campus community

“There’s always good conversations,” said CJ, a seller from Create n Destroy Vintage.

The shop focuses its brand on selling vintage clothes. In comparison to other vendor locations, CJ said the location across from Fresno State is “a completely different crowd from anywhere else” because the students bring great energy and support.

Create n Destroy Vintage sells vintage clothing in apparel vendors event at Campus Pointe on the first Saturday of the month. (Cesar Maya/The Collegian)

Through word of mouth, as well as an abundance of support from the community, the event has been able to pick up momentum.

“It’s important to support local [shops],” said Eric Colvin, the organizer of the event and owner of active wear brand UltroSport.

Colvin said the organization of the apparel and clothing vendors is intended to create a better opportunity for vendors wishing to promote themselves in the community.

Jerry Xiong, the titular vendor from the JerryCan brings pride to the area with his booth. The apparel sold by Xiong comes with the design of two words laid out which simply say “FRESNO MADE.”

Local vendor JerryCan sells hats and other apparels with “Fresno Made” stamped across. (Cesar Maya/The Collegian)

“I want to give people something they can wear that shows where they’re from without necessarily being a student,” Xiong said.

Some vendors are students themselves.

Lily, who hosts a pop-up shop called Solzey, is a Fresno State student and it was her first time selling as a vendor. She said she her time opening shop was a great first experience.

“It was really engaging, and an opportunity that I would definitely participate in it again,” she said

Colvin said he wants to give back to the Fresno community with events like these for the vendors and those who stop to create a connection at Campus Pointe.

With the success of this event, Colvin plans to organize the vendors on both the first and third Saturday of the month. The next event will be on Feb. 4.

Lily, owner of Solzey and Fresno State student, is a first-time vendor at Campus Pointe. (Cesar Maya / The Collegian)
One booth at Campus Pointe sells custom pins, including Fresno State’s Bulldog mascot. (Cesar Maya/The Collegian)