Transfer Success Center connects Fresno State transfer students with resources for a smooth transition to campus


Wyatt Bible/The Collegian

The Transfer Success Center is part of the Office of New Student and Family Programs in the Joyal Administration Building.

By Jiselle Cardenas, News Editor

The Transfer Success Center provides a smooth transition for incoming students from different colleges and helps them adapt to the university environment at Fresno State.

It offers a Peer Mentoring Program, advising services, student support services and hosts events throughout the year so transfer students can connect to campus life. The center also offers assistance with students’ Degree Progress Report.

Staff within the center want students to have the full college experience beyond academics.

“The best way for transfer students to get involved is to simply make a conscious decision to be present,” said Kenneth Ternate, senior coordinator for New Student and Family Programs. “With all the responsibilities transfer students have these days, it is very easy to go to class and leave afterwards.”

The Transfer Success Center is a part of the Office of New Student and Family Programs, which is located in the Joyal Administration Building Room 131.

“There are so many events and programs that take place on campus that transfer students just need to choose to stay and take part,” he said.

This is one of the reasons the Transfer Success Center hosts events in the late afternoon and evening, so students can balance their personal and student life.

Ternate emphasized that transfer students have less time than traditional students to acclimate to campus because of their two-year projected timeline. He said it’s important for students to connect with their advisers and departments as soon as the fall semester starts.

“August is the perfect time to connect with their advisers. Dog Days are done, classes have not yet begun. There’s a lull on campus when all the staff are present but the students are not,” he said.

Ternate highly recommends students participate in groups or events on campus. The Fresno State Campus Community page directs students to resources on how they can get involved in their respective areas of interest.

Ternate said events vary from tabling, collaborations with other programs, such as Off Campus Student Life, or informal dinners at Campus Pointe. One of the center’s biggest events takes place during National Transfer Student Week in the fall semester.

“We connect incoming transfer students with current students for mentoring and, overall, act as a resource for transfer students who are struggling to navigate campus,” Ternate said.

There will be a kick-off event to connect new students with mentors on Aug. 18. More information will be presented on the transfer center website as it approaches.

“We are​​ excited to serve students and welcome volunteers who would like to participate in the planning of events,” Ternate said.

For more information, visit the Transfer Success Center website, call (559)278-4885 or email inquiries to [email protected].