Hopfe leads Diamond ‘Dogs to victory


Valentina Saldaña/The Collegian

Tommy Hopfe heads toward home plate for a run against San Diego State at Pete Beiden Field at Bob Bennett Stadium.

By Alexis Bruno, Reporter

The Diamond ‘Dogs faced a dire elimination game in round two of the Mountain West Tournament, but first baseman Tommy Hopfe led his team to a victory. 

Due to the first round loss to San Jose State, the ‘Dogs had one more opportunity to try and make it to the next round of the tournament. 

Hopfe ended the game as the only batter to bring in all of the ‘Dogs runs, hitting two home runs and four RBIs. 

“The two home runs were special. Incredibly special day that he will remember forever, and this program will remember forever,” Interim Head Coach Ryan Overland said. 

The Diamond ‘Dogs were able to hold strong, defeating San Diego State 4-2 on May 26 at the Pete Beiden Field at Bob Bennett Stadium.

Roman Angelo on the mound for the Diamond ‘Dogs during game 3 of the Mountain West Championship. (Valentina Saldaña/The Collegian)

The game got off to a rapid start for the Bulldogs at bat, with a double down center field by right fielder Grady Morgan, but it didn’t end there. 

The Red Wave jumped up in chants as they saw a strong hit by Hopfe arc down right field for a two RBI home run, taking the first lead of the game, 2-0. 

“You can feel the crowd, you can feel the energy and that’s what playoff baseball is about,” Overland said. 

After four scoreless innings, the Aztecs bounced back in the game at the bottom of the sixth inning. Catcher Poncho Ruiz hit a home run to right field, making the game  a one point deficit, 2-1. 

Both teams remained with no score in the seventh inning until the ‘Dogs sparked up the game. 

Murf Gray gets a hit against the Aztecs. (Valentina Saldaña/The Collegian)

In a one-point game, Hopfe did it once again for the Bulldogs. He batted another two RBI home run down right field to extend the lead 4-1 in the eighth inning. 

“I mean honestly it felt great. I just go in with an approach and it went my way,” Hopfe said. 

Approaching the last inning, the Aztecs had a final opportunity to close the gap, but were only able to score one run.

“We knew we had our backs against the wall. It was a win or go home day, and you know we had momentum and the beginning and we just rolled with it through the whole game,” Hopfe said. 

The ‘Dogs defeated the Aztecs 4-2. 

The Bulldogs will play a rematch game against San Jose State on Saturday, May 27 at the Pete Beiden Field at Bob Bennett Stadium. 

Bobby Blandford rounds out to first base. (Valentina Saldaña/The Collegian)