Fresno State Women’s Alliance endorses sex education at ‘Abortion Positive Tour’


Carlos Rene Castro/The Collegian

Plan B morning-after pills were available to students at no cost at the Abortion Positive Tour.

By Alexis Bruno, Reporter

The Fresno State Women’s Alliance is a campus group that works alongside other major organizations, such as URGE and Planned Parenthood, to assist, advocate, educate and empower women rights.

“We just want to support them [URGE and Planned Parenthood] in any way we can like this,” said Gigi Camacho, URGE intern and Fresno State student.

In light of abortion positive week, the Women’s Alliance hosted an “Abortion Positive Tour” on Tuesday, April 25 that provided several resources to Fresno State students.

The campus tour, designed by URGE, was implemented to spread a message of self-determination of each person’s own body regarding relationships and reproductive health care.

The group’s booth offered free menstrual products, emergency contraceptive pills and condoms for students to take as needed. Students were also given a link to an online magazine that provided facts on abortions and how to help expand abortion access.

“We are here to provide resources to the students, not so much to try and tell the students to think any certain way,” said Kathryn Sherman, URGE organizer and Fresno State alumna.

The goal of the campaign is to spread power and assistance for those in need of abortion care, especially to underserved communities, allowing a safe space for abortion positive voices.

“Considering within Fresno itself, there is a lot of poverty and so having access to such opportunities and providing payment plans or reduced costs is very essential,” said Michele Barker, Fresno State student.

The booth also provided a petition for students to sign. The petition aims to make abortion medication free for all regardless of a person’s identity, race or social class.

Barker told The Collegian what the Women’s Alliance is doing for the community.

“I think it’s great. I think it’s amazing that they work with Planned Parenthood in such a way and are even reaching out to other businesses. I think it’s very important to make aware access and opportunities to receive abortions in a safe environment and also everything else on their booth. It’s not only just for women, but also men,” Barker said.

Students can find more information on resources provided on the group’s instagram page @Fswomensalliance.