ASI meets one last time before spring semester ends


Aileen Guzman

Associated Students Inc. met on Wednesday, April 26 for the final meeting of the Spring 2023 semester.

By Aileen Guzman, Reporter

Associated Students, Inc. met on Wednesday, April 26, to discuss further plans for the next semester. Karen Carrillo, executive vice president, called the meeting to order.

Some of the new business for the next semester involved a verbal presentation from Digital Transformation and Innovation (DXIHub) representatives regarding their updated work from the academic year and the progress made for the DXI hub internship in Technology Services.

Kent Willis, Fresno State’s vice president of student affairs and enrollment management, was all smiles as he received support from the ASI committee to further promote National Campus Safety Awareness Month in September.

“Campus safety is the top priority to create the type of environment conducive to student success. We want to raise awareness, understand community perspectives and create ongoing dialogue. I’m grateful that the ASI leaders and President (Caroline) Alvarez have made this effort part of their agenda. I look forward to working with them to promote a safe and secure environment for all students, faculty and staff,” Willis said.

The DXIHub was established back in January of 2019, becoming one of the largest internship programs in technology for Fresno State students.

“Our motto is to provide students with real world experience working in real world applications that benefit our campus community with student success,” said Genesis Chinchilla, the lead digital experience intern.

DXIHub has shown its dedication toward helping Fresno State students become advanced in technology and programs by providing internships and scholarships for those who have become a part of the program. Aside from just helping students, it also updated the ASI committee in regard to the program CITY.

CITY stands for creativity, innovation and technology for young learners. This program works to help close the gap between technology in a traditional classroom setting by helping young learners become more interested in STEM programs.

“We mainly work to service grades fifth through eighth. However, now we are proud to announce that we currently serve all the way down to second grade,” said Katherine Lathos, the graphic designer for DXIHub.

Following Lathos’ presentation, Chinchilla told the ASI members an MVP program was also created by Fresno State students for students. The MVP platform is for student communication, which enables control, visibility and planning for internal group email communication.

“This project is going from an innovative initiative to a digital transformation with the support from the university cabinet. Now we’re going from MVP to an actual product, and with the support from student affairs, it’s in its prime,” Chinchilla said.

Willis also gave the ASI committee a shoutout for its management skills and form of leadership.

“I just wanted to say thank you to ASI for allowing us to collaborate in this way. We know that it’s a national effort, but we definitely want to bring it to our campus; make sure we bring it to our campus, and make sure that we participate fully in the event. I know that you’re already aware of the heightened sensitivity around campus safety, and its definitely something that we all need to continue to look at. Look at ways to continue improvements, not only to the physical safety and security of the campus, but also being able to raise awareness,” Willis said.

With this new partnership between ASI and Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, the aim is that safety of students will improve around campus as well as the technology for campus safety.

“I thank you so much for your willingness to partner on the effort and appreciate the long term commitment,” Willis said.