Seniesa Estrada unifies two titles in Fresno Top Rank event


Mikey Williams/Top Rank

Seniesa Estrada celebrates after earning two titles.

By Valentina Saldaña, Sports Editor

A day of boxing went down in Fresno on March 25, with over 11,000 fans in attendance hosted by Top Rank Boxing and ESPN at the Save Mart Center. 

The card had eight different bouts, with Jose Ramirez vs. Richard Commey, Seniesa Estrada vs. Tina Rupprecht and Antonio Mireles vs. Patrick Mailata, being broadcast live on ESPN. 

Ramirez vs. Commey 

Ramirez hits Commey during the main event on March 25. (Mikey Williams/Top Rank)

From the start, Ramirez was a fan favorite in the Save Mart Center, walking out to loud cheers that would continue throughout the bout. 

The Avenal native faced Commey in a WBC junior welterweight title eliminator, his first fight in over a year. 

He shared with The Collegian what it means to him to fight in Fresno. 

“At the end of the fight, once the bell rings, I can all of a sudden hear everything, and to see the people celebrate the way they did with me. It’s almost like I’m sharing my glory with all of them. If I win, they all win,” he said. 

In the opening minute, Ramirez cornered Commey against the ropes, hitting him with lefts and rights to the body and beltline. This momentum would continue for Ramirez throughout the rest of the fight. 

In the beginning of the 11th, Commey was dropped for the first time, but got back up and continued to put up a fight. 

Ramirez was then able to get a knockout via a body shot at 2:31 in that same round. His record improved to 28-1 with 18 KOs. 

Ramirez had previously been criticized for turning down a fight against Regis Prograis twice, but now looks ahead to the fights he wants. 

I want any world champion. If Regis Prograis is serious about fighting, we can sit down and negotiate. Let’s sit down and make the fight,” he said after winning. 

Seniesa Estrada vs. Tina Rupprecht

Estrada lands a hit on Rupprecht. (Mikey Williams/Top Rank)

The co-feature of the event was a world title unification fight as WBA world champion Seniesa Estrada and WBC world champion Tina Rupprecht went head-to-head. 

Estrada put on a dominant performance through the 10 rounds, earning her a unanimous favor, 100-90, by all judges: Jerry Cantu, Ray Danseco and Zachary Young. 

After winning, she called out who she wants to fight next and her goal.

“I want to tell the other champion at 105 pounds [Yokasta Valle] that I’m whooping you next. You can get it next. I am the best in this division, and I know it. I want to prove it by becoming undisputed,” she said.

Opening the match, Estrada stayed on the defensive side, being quick on her feet. Both boxers would then continue to get good punches. 

Rupprecht was able to get an overhand right on Estrada late in the sixth round. It wouldn’t be long until Estrada got her back in the seventh round, landing multiple consecutive right hooks that fired up the fans. 

Both boxers had not lost prior to this fight and after the unanimous decision, Estrada walked away with two belts and a continued perfect record. 

Antonio Mireles vs. Patrick Mailata

Mailata takes a right hit from Mireles. (Mikey Williams/Top Rank)

Starting off the ESPN broadcast for the event, Antonio Mireles and Patrick Mailata faced off for a total of six rounds, being the only heavyweight bout of the day.

Mailata came into the third round aggressively, landing multiple hits on Mireles. He had come close to a knockout toward the end of Round 3 when he dropped Mireles with a right hand to the temple. 

An undefeated Mireles was able to continue, and they finished off the rest of the rounds. 

The judges favored Mireles in a split decision, improving his record to seven wins with six KOs. 

Raymond Muratalla vs. Humberto Galindo

Raymond Muratalla and Humberto Galindo in the ring during the fifth bout of the event. (Mikey Williams/Top Rank)

The first fight of the day to go above 10 rounds was a southern California showdown with Humberto Galindo from Riverside against Raymond Muratalla from Fontana. 

Muratalla came in with a perfect record at 16-0 and 13 KOs, while Galindo had a 14-2-1 record and 11 KOs. 

In the first round, Galindo came close to a knockout with a right hook to the face and under a minute remaining. 

Muratalla responded in the fourth round with a mid hit, knocking Galindo to the floor. He kept that momentum going for the rest of the rounds, eventually getting a knockout win in the 9th with a left hook body shot combo, continuing his win streak.

Charlie Sheehy vs. Angel Rebollar

Charlie Sheehy celebrates after his victory against Angel Rebollar. (Mikey Williams/Top Rank)

Charlie Sheehy and Angel Rebollar went head-to-head in a competitive six rounds. Sheehy looked to protect his record that stands at 5-0, 4 KOs. 

Rebollar, with his record 6-1 and 3 KOs, would face off an undefeated opponent for the sixth time in a row.

All six rounds were filled with cheers from the crowd as both boxers got a good amount of hits on each other. The aggressive lightweight bout ended in a unanimous victory for Sheehy, with scores of 60-54, 58-56 and 60-54. 

Jessie James Guerrero vs. Eduardo Alvarez

Jessie James Guerrero hits Eduardo Alvarez. (Mikey Williams/Top Rank)

In the light flyweight, Jessie James Guerrero and Eduardo Alvarez fought for four rounds.

During the first round, Guerrero got a cut above his right eye by an accidental headbutt, which he had to continue to fight through for the remainder of the competition.

Alvarez landed both right and left hooks on Guerrero, while Guerrero used his speed to his advantage. 

The bout ended in a majority draw, giving Guerrero his second draw (3-0-2, 3 KOs) and Alvarez his first (0-2-1). 

Ricardo Ruvalcaba vs. Marco Antonio Cardenas 

Ricardo Ruvalcaba points at the camera after defeating Marco Antonio Cardenas via KO. (Mikey Williams/Tope Rank)

The junior welterweight bout came to a quick close in the first round. 

Ricardo Ruvacalba from Ventura knocked out Marco Antonio Cardenas from Salem, Oregon, via some body shots with under 20 seconds left.

Cardenas made his way to the floor and was waved off by the referee, giving Ruvacalba his seventh career KO and improving his record to 8-0-1. 

Subaru Murata vs. Jose Negrete

Subaru Murata is the winner in the first bout of the day, with a KO in Round 1. (Mikey Williams/Top Rank)

The quickest knockout of the event came from Subaru Murata from Tokyo, Japan, in the junior featherweight division. 

Murata knocked out Hanford native, Jose Negrete, one minute and 47 seconds into Round 1 during the first bout of the day.

Negrete took a jab and then a straight left to the chin, dropping him to the ground. After he got up with shaky legs, the referee stopped the fight. 

Murata continues to show his fight at 4-0 with all knockouts.