Tuition and fees go up $263 this spring


Photo of the front of the Resnick Student Union (RSU). (Eric Martinez/The Collegian)

By Jazmin Alvarado Villegas, Reporter

Fresno State students attending school in Spring 2023 are paying $263 more in tuition and fees than previous semesters because of the opening of the new Resnick Student Union (RSU) last fall.

The RSU opened in October 2022 after being in construction since 2019. The building was originally set to open in 2021, but was delayed due to COVID-19.

The building was designed for Fresno State students to have an enriched experience and as a place where students could feel like they belonged, according to the Fresno State News website.

When students voted for the RSU, they were told their fees would not go up until the building was open. The election was five years ago. Students this semester are beginning to pay the costs. Critics say that means there are current Fresno State students who are paying for something they did not get to vote on.

However, supporters say that current students get the benefit of using the RSU to its full advantage. Students are provided with a comfortable place to study and are also getting a place to eat and socialize with fellow classmates and colleagues, they add.

Since the building has now fully opened, the tuition increase is in full effect as of Spring 2023.

Full-time student tuition and fees has gone from $3,331.50 to $3,594.50 per semester, according to the Fresno State website. In the spring 2023 semester, students will pay $384 in student union fees, including: a prorated fee of $114 for a fall 2022 RSU fee, the $149 spring RSU fee, and the $121 fee that students were already paying for the old student union. The fall prorated fee for the RSU will only apply in the spring 2023 semester.

The RSU fee of $149 will go up 3% annually.The cost increase in tuition will be permanent for future students. The 3% increase accounts for maintenance purposes and for facility upkeep, which is ever changing.

The tuition increase comes with a variety of new infrastructure. Coming soon the building will have new dining options, including The Habit Burger Grill, a soup and salad bar and a Taco Bell.