Campus safety: ‘I don’t feel safe’


Blake Wolf

Fresno State Police Department lines up its vehicles in the back of campus.

By Alexis Bruno, Reporter

Fresno State has had five vehicle burglaries on campus grounds and one car theft since the beginning of the school year, according to the Fresno State Police Department.  


Just as students prepared for the second semester, many cars started to fill up the parking lots once again. 


On Jan. 16, the most recent case of car theft was reported at the Fresno State Library by records shown from the department.  


Amy Luna, manager of emergency operations at Fresno State, informed The Collegian of several measures they are taking to help in preventing car crimes. 


“Fresno State campus has security cameras located in parking lots that assist in monitoring activity in the area. Our police officers regularly patrol campus parking lots, and our community service specialists enforce parking in the lots,” said Luna. 


Among car thefts, there are also incidents of car burglary within the parking lots of Fresno State. 


One of several incidents occurred on Jan. 19 with a second-degree car burglary at the Delta Gamma Sorority. 


“I don’t feel safe leaving my car for long hours at Fresno State since the area around is not good,” said Fresno State student Lisbeth Castro.   


Many students on campus leave their cars parked for extensive periods of time to attend classes. Other students live in dorms leaving their cars in parking lots overnight.


Luna advises students to take precaution with tips that can ensure belongings are safe. 


“Do not leave personal items unattended. Secure your belongings, lock your vehicle and keep any valuable items at home or out of plain view,” Luna said. 


These practices will help Fresno State students feel safe on campus as well as lower the crime rate of vehicle burglary and theft on campus each year, she said.