Spotlight Events kicks off the week with showing of ‘Monsters University’ at The RSU


Students sit with their blankets and snacks at the Resnick Student Union. Fresno State’s Spotlight Events hosted a movie night on Feb. 6. (Aileen Guzman/The Collegian)

By Aileen Guzman, Reporter

Fresno State’s Spotlight Events started the week with its first movie night of the semester on Feb. 6. Eager students lined up outside of the Resnick Student (RSU) Union Ballroom to see the screening of “Monsters University.”

The screening started from 7 to 10 p.m., and students were encouraged to bring blankets and pillows as they sat on the floor of the ballroom. 

Between 7 to 7:30 p.m., students checked into the event through a QR code.

Fresno State offered various snack options for students to pick before the film. (Aileen Guzman/The Collegian)

Various snack options are laid out for students to pick before the film. 

Before students laid out their pillows and blankets, they had been given the option of choosing which snack box to take before the movie began. Attendees had the options between buttered or salted popcorn, white or blue Gatorade, licorice, or a cup of noodles. 

Yesenia Mauricio,  student event coordinator for Spotlight, said it was tedious work to set up the event. “Monsters University” was chosen by the coordinators because they felt like it was a film students can resonate with. 

“It was just finding a movie that would be cool, and a movie that students could relate to,” said Mauricio. 

Students are scattered all within the ballroom with their blankets and snacks. 

The Ballroom had two projector screens set up. Spotlight Events also had a setup of  Monsters University with balloons and a sign. 

A set up for photos was also available with Pixar decorations and balloons. 

Fresno State students Foram Bhansali and Samhita Vaidya said they came to the event for the college environment. 

“Honestly I came to a college event for a college experience, I really like these types of events,” Bhansali said. 

Fresno State students Foram Bhansali (left) and Samhita Vaidya (right) pose for photo before the film. (Aileen Guzman/The Collegian)

Another fellow student, Cynsere Kevon Kelly said it felt like he was back in elementary school on a rainy day with snacks and friends while watching a nostalgic movie. 

“It’s a fun night. I came with four friends, and before we got our snacks, we were reminiscing about how classic Monsters University is. The environment in the room feels good. It’s nice to see students coming together,” Kelly said. 

For students who couldn’t attend, Spotlight Events will be hosting their next event on Feb. 14 in the RSU Room 207 for some Valentine’s Day-themed fun.