Tioga-Sequoia celebrates St. Patrick’s Day


Carlos Rene Castro

Newlyweds Julian Ruiz and Tania Muñoz enjoy a glass of Tioga-Sequoia’s Lucky 99 beer. (Carlos Rene Castro/ The Collegian)

By Carlos Rene Castro, Multimedia Reporter

Julian Ruiz and Tania Muñoz celebrated St. Patrick’s Day at Tioga-Sequoia by sipping on cold, freshly brewed beer dyed green while wearing all-green attire, cheering for the Mexico baseball team’s victory against Puerto Rico in the World Baseball Classic.

The newlyweds met at a hookah lounge turned nightclub in the Tower District and got married this January.

“If you want to find love, go to the hookah lounge,” Ruiz said, jokingly.

On Friday, March 17, Tioga-Sequoia hosted a St. Patrick’s Day-themed event from 5:00 p.m. to 10 p.m. Beer enthusiasts and St. Patrick’s Day celebrators gathered for the Irish holiday with Celtic-themed music, a variety of food options and refreshing beer.

Ruiz and Muñoz admitted to not celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in the past, but the enjoyable weather encouraged the couple out of their home to join the festivities.

While sitting inside the beer garden, Ruiz and Muñoz enjoyed a glass of Tioga-Sequoia green dyed beer, The Lucky 99.

“The color is what attracted me to want to drink it,” Ruiz said.

The Lucky 99 is a green-dyed version of the 99 Golden Ale, an American blonde ale-style beer.

A couple enjoys themselves at Tioga-Sequoia’s St. Patrick’s Day event. (Carlos Rene Castro/ The Collegian)

According to Madison Beard, Tioga-Sequoia’s events coordinator, The Lucky 99 was only available for purchase at both taprooms for St. Patrick’s Day. However, the 99 Golden Ale is available all year long.

Beard said that the marketing of the green dyed beer was a fun experience, and she enjoyed seeing guests sip on the Lucky 99.

“It’s a fun thing to be part of,” she said.

The Merrymakers, a band who performed live, played funky tunes that entertained the hundreds of guests in attendance.

Near the back of the beer garden, Where’s The Food? and Duck Haus was serving guests its favorite food items. Duck Haus is a mobile food truck by Mad Duck Craft Brewing Co., that had a special menu dedicated to popular Irish food.

The menu had four options of food items: corned beef and cabbage, corned beef sandwich, corned beef nachos and “banger and mash.” Each item varied in price range from $19 to $22.

Taby Vital moved back to the Central Valley from Colorado Springs to be closer to her family. Her niece, Mikayla, told her about the buzzing brewery spot, so she decided to attend with her loved ones.

She was surprised to see the new additions to Downtown Fresno when she returned.

“It’s my first time here at the brewery,” Vital said.

Vital ordered asada fries and the 3-2-1 sampler that includes three shrimp tempura, two potstickers and one veggie eggroll from Where’s The Food?.

While living in Colorado Springs, Vital celebrated St. Patrick’s Day every year due to her friend’s connection to their Irish roots.

“I did celebrate in Colorado because my friends are half Irish,” Vital said. “And my favorite color is green.”