I Heart Fresno State kick-off unites students with university programs


Victor E. Bulldog IV walks among the students and receives attention throughout the event. (Cesar Maya/The Collegian)

By Cesar Maya, Reporter

Bianca Palma, student coordinator and social media manager of Spotlight Events, said the “I Heart Fresno State” kickoff is the “big bang into the rest of the week.”

ASI, Off-Campus Student Life, The Writing Center and a multitude of others are participating in the series of events. They’re helping get more involved and find out what the campus has to offer beyond what they may see on a daily basis.

“It’s a huge, spirited event if you want to feel more connected with your campus. As well as get a ton of free stuff and come to a free event to meet other people, make connections, see new faces, have some fun, eat good food [and] listen to good music,” Palma said. “Come on out to any of the I Heart Fresno State events and you’ll have fun.”

Fresno State students gathered at the Leon S. Peters Event Plaza as Spotlight Events kicked off the first event of I Heart Fresno State week.

It included events and activities hosted by a variety of programs and departments between March 20 through 24. The week-long event celebrates the diversity of the programs and community that make up the Fresno State campus.

The Student Union Board of Directors were eager to answer any inquiries about the programs. (Cesar Maya/The Collegian)

“I Heart Fresno State Week” also coincides with Commuters Appreciation Week, which is hosted by the Off-Campus Student Life (OCSL) program.

The Student Union Board of Directors, a student-led organization that oversees the three student unions on campus. They told The Collegian they believe an event such as this is beneficial for all involved.

“It allows us to make sure that students know what we have to offer for them so that they’re aware that the different student unions on campus have resources they can use and not all of it you have to pay for,” said Mahek Patel, vice chair of the union’s board of directors. “We want to do things for students as well so it’s a good way to advertise it to them and if they’re wanting to get involved, they can ask us questions, in which, they can even apply to join the Student Union Board since we currently are recruiting for the following year.”

Nancy Campos, chair of the Board of Directors, said some students don’t know the resources that are provided for them, and even more so that a lot of times they are free. She says that the event helps provide visibility for students and connect with those on campus in many ways.

Emily Crabtree, a Fresno State student in attendance, expressed why she came out and participated in the activities.

“You get to see all the resources that are around campus and interact with all the different fun activities they have,” Crabtree said. “I love how interactive it is. I love all of the availability that they have. Obviously, these resources are out here right now for students, and I also love how the faculty’s ready to take in those students, if needed, when they do come for those resources.”

I Heart Fresno State Week will continue throughout the week, with“Karaoke Night” in the USU Bulldog Zone on Thursday from 6-8 p.m. and will conclude with “Y2K Night Out” on Friday, 7-10 p.m.