Fresno State sororities offer positive connections and support for women


Wyatt Bible/The Collegian

The Delta Gamma house is headquarters for 70 Fresno State women.

By Morgan McComb, Contributor

For some Fresno State students, joining a sorority or a fraternity is one way to make connections, build friendships and become more involved with college campus life.

As Women’s History Month comes to a close, Fresno State students shared their reasons for joining sororities.

Maddie Fernandes, a member of the Sigma Alpha sorority at Fresno State, told The Collegian how some people have negative connotations to Greek life, but a sorority is more about togetherness than conflict.

“Yes, there is always going to be drama in a sorority, but we always try to come together as a family and solve our problems with each other,” Fernandes said.

Fernandes is a junior at Fresno State, majoring in agriculture. She thought she would never join a sorority, but one day she found one that spoke to her.

In the beginning, she said she had a very hard time finding the right group of women to really connect to.

“None of the other sororities had the same interests as me,” Fernandes said, recalling her rush experience before she found Sigma Alpha. “Sigma Alpha is all based around agriculture and the four pillars which are scholarships, leadership, fellowship and service.”

Fernandes said those four pillars are what attracted her to the sorority.

“Even if you don’t think you would fit into a sorority or if it’s not your thing, just try it anyway because you never know if you might actually like it,” Fernandes said.

Fernandes said she decided to try Greek life out even when she thought she would have never been part of it.

“And if you’re looking for a sorority, don’t just get into a random one, find the one that you connect to better. That way your experience will be more enjoyable,” she added.

She said that picking the right sorority that suits you best is based on your personality.

Sydney Dauer joined the Delta Gamma sorority in 2021 in efforts to build bonds and connect to campus. (Courtesy of Sydney Dauer)

Sydney Dauer also shared her experience being in a sorority.

Dauer emphasized that not only having those connections is great to build bonds, but also in an academic way as well.

“It is stressful, but it is also beneficial because in my sorority I met a lot of girls that are the same major as me and are taking the same classes.” said Dauer, a Delta Gamma member.

She states that it is very easy for her to stay on track academically because she has other supportive women in her house that help her stay accountable.

“We have 70 girls in our house and eight of them I am really close with, but overall I know I can count on every girl because we all love each other. We have come to a place where we can trust each other and be there for one another with anything. That puts a lot of stress off my shoulders, knowing that there is someone that can help you,” Dauer said.

When it comes to stress with her personal life or even in her school life, Dauer explains that she is able to count on her supportive friends and sisters in the Delta Gamma house. For her to receive help and advice and have all these girls for moral support, she is able to be stress free.

Jacqueline Canfield, a junior at Fresno State, shared with The Collegian about sororities even though she is not in one.

“Although I would love to join a sorority because of the benefits and the network exchanges it offers. I currently don’t have time to join because of my work and school schedule. But I would highly suggest joining a sorority for women if they wish to expand their connections and to be part of a supportive community,” Canfield said.

Canfield said even though she is going to school full-time and being a nanny on weekends, she confidently supports other women who are trying to be more involved and make connections that she’s never got to do.