Kordova x Ms. Limón V revitalizes 100-year old Dick’s Menswear building with fashion-forward boutique


In the heart of Chinatown, “Dick’s Menswear” building gains new life after shared new boutique claims spot.

By Sarah Delgado, Lifestyle Editor

Kordova x Ms. Limón V aims to make Chinatown a new fashion hub with monthly fashion shows and featured designers every month during ArtHop. The new storefront is owned by Fresno residents Mikey Garcia and Anndrea Villarreal, both aiming for inclusivity in their clothing. 

They occupied the iconic Dick’s Menswear building, known for its exterior of gold koi fish.

“When we came into the space, it was just like [an] instant homey feel [and] I like what we have going on with the exposed brick walls. Very urban [and] industrial. It really complements both of our customer bases,” Garcia said.

Kordova x Ms. Limón V offer hand-made garments and are one of the few pioneers to spearhead the fashion scene in Fresno. Courtesy of Lyet Koffi

On Feb. 2, Fresno’s Chinatown welcomed the two new fashion designers as they hosted their grand opening of Kordova x Ms. Limón V. But before their joint venture, Garcia and Villarreal started with separate fashion houses.

Villarreal founded Ms. Limón V. and created a specialized brand of lingerie and clothes for diverse body sizes, ranging from XXS to 5X. She wants her customers to trust the brand’s quality, comfort and durability.

Her business partner, Garcia, is a graphic designer and creator of Kordova. He makes original designs and hand-sewn garments, with many of his products supporting gender inclusivity.

When Villareal met Garcia at a wedding through a mutual friend, they found a common interest in clothes and decided to bring their two brands together, creating their current shared spot. 

“I’ve noticed that people are very hyped about Chinatown being revitalized, especially this building. What I really liked about us moving in here is that people stopped by and are really excited that this building is still going,” Villarreal said.

Villarreal also wants to assure customers that she will fix any of her garments that may have sustained average wear-and-tear.

Villarreal has been sewing since 2006. She has organized four fashion shows and curated 12 fashion events. Courtesy of Lyet Koffi

“The quality of fabric really trumps a lower price and I want them to know with each purchase of mine, I will fix it for the rest of your life,” she said. 

After ArtHop, they held their new annual event “Zest Fest,” a fashion show, on Feb. 5. The event hit the streets of Fresno and showcased city businesses, along with local models. 

Sarah Joy, a vendor selling artwork and stickers at the storefront, mentioned how Fresno was growing both artistically and fashionably.

“I think it’s perfect for Fresno right now. I think this scene has been really growing and growing,” Joy said. 

“Fresno’s doing big things, and I want people to come out and show some support for local vendors, local artists, local theaters,” Joy added.

Garcia’s (right) brand focuses on gender inclusivity and also serves as a visual representation of his veteran skill in graphic design. Courtesy of Lyet Koffi.

Individuals can follow the shared business Instagram for more updates regarding upcoming fashion events.