Fresno State women’s basketball is now at the bottom of conference standings


Blake Wolf/The Collegian

Fresno State guard, Keely Brown, shoots a 3-pointer against Colorado State.

By Alexis Bruno, Reporter

The Bulldogs are now 1-13 in conference play and 8-19 overall, placing them last in the Mountain West. 

The Fresno State women’s basketball team lost against Colorado State, 61-54, on Feb. 11 at the Savemart Center.

“I think our kids have to really lock in and be able to shoot the ball. We have to have a real focus to make sure if we have a lead to protect it,” said Fresno State Head Coach Jaime White. 

In the last matchup, the ‘Dogs fell short with a 6-point deficit, and in the rematch, the Rams came with the same intensity to get a 7 point victory. 

Starting off the game, Fresno State won the jump ball and came off hot with a 5-0 run by Keely Brown and Amaya West. 

Despite the ‘Dogs taking an early lead, the Rams responded with a 3-point field goal to tie the game 5-5, with 6:15 remaining. 

Amiee Book sets up for an inbound play. (Blake Wolf/The Collegian)
Junior Bulldog Daylee Dunn plays defense. (Blake Wolf/The Collegian)

In a close battle, the ‘Dogs went on a 5-0 run themselves, leading by 5, but Colorado stayed mounted on the paint to tie the game with an opponent turnover and a made layup. The Rams tied it back 10-10. 

The Rams’ offense succeeded connecting to the rim, getting a 4-point lead to end the quarter, 16-12.

The ‘Dogs were quick to score with a connection behind the arc by West who cut the margin to one. 

Colorado continued to score with back-to-back layup drives, extending its lead 21-15. 

“We let them get too deep in the paint more than we did, so kind of frustrating,” White said. 

The Dogs’ struggled to get to the rim, going five minutes scoreless. With four minutes remaining, the ‘Dogs scored on two made free throws by Franka Wittenberg to end their scoring drought but still were in a 5-point deficit, 25-20.

Going into halftime, the Rams led the ‘Dogs 29-23. 

With a made layup by Kendyll Kinzer in the second half the Rams’ extended their lead by 8 points. 

Sydney Dethman went on to score a jumper and layup in the paint for the ‘Dogs to shrink the deficit. She ended the night as the top scorer for the Bulldogs, accumulating 15 points. She shot 6-for-8 from the field and 1-for-3 from the 3, but the team couldn’t finish around her. 

With four minutes left, the Rams continued to connect behind the arc to go up 39-32, keeping  the ‘Dogs behind for the remainder of the game. 

Ending the third quarter, Colorado led the Dogs’ 39-34. 

Fresno State came out in the final quarter aggressive with back-to-back layups by Brown and Dethman to only go down by one, 39-38.

Although the Bulldogs offense was connecting, they couldn’t find an answer defensively to stop the Rams.

At the four-minute mark, McKenna Hofschild made a jumper which gave Colorado a 9-point advantage. Hofschild could not be stopped by the ‘Dogs, racking up 17 points for the Rams. 

In the final minutes, the ‘Dogs fell into a deficit and were unable to make big stops. Colorado defeated Fresno State 62-54 at home. 

Fresno State is now last in the Mountain West Conference with a 8-19 overall record. It will travel to face off Utah State on Feb.16 at the Dee Glen Smith Spectrum Arena.