Fresno State’s new food option: a snack bar

The facility takes the place of the old Robertito’s Taco Shop.


By Aileen Guzman, Contributor

Walking in through the sliding doors of the University Student Union (USU), the air was filled with the smell of warm bread from Subway and the sounds of sizzling pans, from Panda Express. But as I walked closer to this new snack bar, the smell of pizza was added to the various scents in the air.

This semester, Fresno State opened up a new snack bar in the campus food court, located on the first floor of the USU.

This new food option is set up where Robertito’s Taco Shop once was, and now offers students pizza, smoothies, pastries, and much more from the hours of 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

As lines grew from the other restaurants, students started to notice the empty line of the new snack bar, some saying it’s good for its convenience.

“It’s fast and cheap [with] no line at all,” said Brandié Mansour, a Fresno State student.

She remembered when Robertito’s used to be there but now enjoys the new food items, including: Hot Cheetos with cheese, pepperoni pizza, veggie pizza, chocolate croissants, blueberry cookies and Reese’s Pieces cookies.

All of which would be convenient for students if they needed a grab-and-go item before heading to their next class.

Yovani Gonzalez, a senior at Fresno State, mentioned that the quality of the food beat his expectations.

“The Reese’s Pieces cookie was really good. It was soft in the middle and crunchy on the outside,” he said.

Most of the baked items within the snack bar seemed to have run out, except for the chocolate croissants.

As rush hour began to die down, fewer and fewer students began to line up. The time was 12:45 p.m. and just a few more students were picking up their meals and ordering their food.

The new snack bar has multiple food options all within a reasonable price, so I decided to try the new items myself.

For two slices of pizza and a cookie, I paid a total of $7, less than a plate from Panda Express and possibly a combo at Subway. The pizza wasn’t too greasy, the crust was crunchy yet soft, and the cookie was chewy in the middle. The taste of peanut butter wasn’t overwhelming, but just enough.

The snack bar is a quick, convenient option for students and faculty at Fresno State. This new food option will help students save time and money all at once.