OPINION: Editor-in-chief, managing editor and sports editor say goodbye to The Collegian


The Collegian awning located across the Resnick Student Union at Fresno State. (Wyatt Bible/The Collegian)

By Editorial Board

Editor-in-chief Jannah Geraldo

When I began as a print journalism student at Fresno State in 2019, I didn’t know The Collegian even existed at Fresno State. I applied to be a reporter in fall 2020, right after campus had shut down, and spent my first few semesters as a reporter who hadn’t yet gotten familiar with campus in person.

My next semester, I was news editor. After a year, I was fortunate enough to be selected as editor-in-chief (EIC), and I’m grateful for all of my peers and mentors who trusted me in this position. We’ve only grown in our coverage in all aspects of the university with consistently improving quality. We cover issues that impact students, the university and Fresno itself, and all that work is done by amazing students, and I’m proud of what we’ve done.

Thank you to Anthony De Leon, the fall 2020 EIC, who took a chance on me when I was first hired even with the uncertainty of COVID-19, and to The Collegian’s following EIC, Zaeem Shaikh, for your guidance and leadership as we returned to campus. I’m extremely grateful for Jesús Cano, the previous managing editor, for making The Collegian feel like a place I could belong, and helping me start off my tenure as EIC. 

Thank you to the editorial team I have worked with since this spring: Manuel Hernandez, Estela Anahí Jaramillo, Diego Vargas and Ashley Flowers. Thank you for trusting me in this position, and for impacting my college experience in the best way possible. The Collegian is in great hands next spring as Diego and Manuel return to the editorial team.

The Collegian has shaped me as a journalist and as a person, and I’m extremely thankful for every team I have worked with throughout my years here.

Managing Editor Ashley Flowers

Having never taken a journalism class in my life, I expected my time at The Collegian to be a fun way to earn money on campus while returning to school for my master’s degree. I never expected it to grow into something more, or to develop a passion for journalism.

I’ve been so lucky during my past three semesters with The Collegian to have met so many amazing student journalists who helped me along this way. I’m grateful to my first editor-in-chief, Zaeem Shaikh, and my preceding managing editor, Jesús Cano, for taking a risk and hiring me knowing fully well I didn’t know what AP style was until I joined the staff. I credit the development of my writing to their editing, as well as the consistent and thoughtful edits of my next editor-in-chief, Jannah Geraldo, and Manuel Hernandez, who started the same semester I did as sports editor and will now be taking the helm of editor-in-chief. Our outgoing sports editor, Estela Anahí Jaramillo, and our arts and entertainment editor, Diego Vargas, who will soon be filling my vacated spot of managing editor, have taught me as much as I hope I have taught them in our time working together.

It’s the time I spent working with the above people, as well as so many more wonderful staff members who have worked at The Collegian with me that I still consider friends, that I will remember long after I leave Fresno State. 

I hope to continue to work in nonprofit journalism in my future. In the meantime, I’m confident that The Collegian will be in good hands under Manuel and Diego’s leadership. I’m so proud of the team I’ve worked with over the years, and I can’t thank everyone enough for their support along the way. 

Sports Editor Estela Anahí Jaramillo

I began my journey as a print journalism major at Fresno State in fall 2018. I was aware of what The Collegian was because of my MCJ classes and was always interested in applying. In fall 2019, I was fortunate enough to begin work as a journalist covering local news in a nearby town. My coverage of high school sports later worked in my favor as I applied for sports editor for spring 2022. 

As I ventured in my position as sports editor in spring 2022, I had peers that had and have continued to support and help myself grow as a writer and an individual. In my time as sports editor, I have had tremendous growth in my writing and have created the best memories with the team of sports journalists and photographers I’ve had these last two semesters. 

Thank you to my first managing editor, Jesús Cano, and soon to be editor in chief (EIC), Manuel Hernandez, for encouraging me to apply and showing me the ropes of covering Fresno State Athletics. Our current EIC Jannah Geraldo and managing editor this semester, Ashley Flowers, have led the way for a tremendous semester’s worth of stories that have highlighted the highs and lows at Fresno State. The editorial staff this semester continued to produce top stories and breaking news stories with a small staff. This semester was amazing having our advisor, professor Donald Munro, in the office to push our staff to the best of our abilities. 

I plan on continuing this journey in journalism, and I’m excited to see The Collegian flourish and continue to create the best news in the hands of Manuel and arts and entertainment editor, Diego Vargas. I’ve made some of the best memories at Fresno State with The Collegian and I can’t thank anyone enough for the lessons and support along the way.