Caroline Alvarez to serve as ASI president for 2022-23 academic year


Caroline Alvarez was unanimously approved by the ASI senate to fill the vacant presidency. (Melina Kazanjian/The Collegian)

By Jannah Geraldo

Associated Students Inc. (ASI) unanimously voted to approve Caroline Alvarez as the new sitting president during its special senate meeting Wednesday afternoon.

Following the resignation of former president Cinthya Arriaga-Sanchez on July 15, the senate voted to follow the presidential line of succession, in which the EVP would fill the position if they were to accept it. 

Executive Vice President Karen Carrillo declined the seat, and Vice President of Finance Gabriel Parra, next in line for the presidency, also declined the position.

Alvarez, who initially served as vice president of external affairs (VPEX), accepted the presidency.

“So first and foremost, I do feel that this would be the quickest and easiest way for ASI to transition from the vacancy,” Alvarez said. “With that being said, I do feel like it’s the easiest because I already have previous [executive] experience, meaning that I already have a pretty good working relationship with administration.” 

In her time as vice president of external affairs, Alvarez worked on projects including hosting an open forum for National Voter Registration Day with Secretary of State Shirley N. Weber and civil rights activist Dolores Huerta.

Alvarez also served as a member of Cal State Student Association (CSSA), a student-led organization that advocates for California State University (CSU) students, during her time as VPEX.

“My role in CSSA [is] connecting with different student leaders at the different CSUs and talking to them about their issues over there and if Fresno State has them as well,”  she said. 

Alvarez noted that student housing and Title IX are areas that have issues throughout the CSU system.

Alvarez is also a student commissioner on the California Student Aid Commission. She said this role has shown her that the CSU system has “the worst rate for financial aid,” and said she hopes to collaborate with administration to improve resources for students.

Senator of Operations and Resident of Affairs Megan Torres voiced support for Alvarez, citing Alvarez’s support for Torres’ menstrual equity project.

“She’s one of the most capable, most dedicated, hardworking persons I’ve ever met. I know this is one of the quickest and easiest routes, but it also might be one of the best ones,” Torres said.

Alvarez’s term as president is effective immediately, according to James D. Martinez, ASI director of operations.