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Has the coronavirus gone too far?

Fresno State students walking in front of the University Student Union on Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2020. (Armando Carreno/ The Collegian)

We all laughed at the thought of campus closing because, let’s get real here, we are all in that point of the semester where we are either burnt out, ready for spring vacation or counting down the days to graduation.

Who wouldn’t love to attend school from the comfort of their couches? Save gas? Sleep in? Have those deadlines be pushed back? Not too many students would be against this.

At least, I thought.

It seemed like at this point, most of California’s universities were canceling school, so why not Fresno State?

Suddenly the jokes slowly did not seem so funny anymore when we all got that email midday Thursday, March 12. “Temporary cancelation of in-person classes; effective Monday, March 16,” it said.

Some of us may have felt the joy, but I felt scared. I started to think about the panic of what this means for our university. 

What about the students who are experiencing food insecurity? The student cupboard and University Dining Hall announced that they will remain open during cancelation of classes, but if all students depend on those resources, will we have enough food? I mean, we do not even have enough toilet paper or water anywhere in stores at this point. 

And what will the university be doing about the tuition fees students have paid? I did not pay over $3,000 to sit at home and scramble between taking all of my classes online.

I paid to have a university education where I can attend lectures, have class discussions and group work. It is a much different environment on campus than at home. I learn better in classes due to my attention span– going online does not factor in all the students with learning disabilities.­

Let’s not forget to mention those tuition fees come with a $113 health fee. What is going to happen with that? From my understanding, the Student Counseling Health Center will still offer individual therapy sessions, but my own group therapy session was canceled outside of Fresno State. I think it is safe to say all of the group therapy programs on campus will be canceled as well. 

I cannot imagine the university allowing large groups to get together during this process. This is such a scary thing to take a look at because coronavirus is now not just impacting the future of physical health, but mental health as well.

People will need professional help and resources even more than usual due to the reality we are living in, and where will they go to find it? 

It also brings up questions for all of the programs being canceled at Fresno State, starting with the sports teams and the crushing news that players will not have a season to play out and for their last time in a Bulldog uniform.­

Also, there are questions as to what this means for athletic scholarships. 

This also affects all of the clubs on campus, our theater departments and all of the events and upcoming shows that faculty and students have put hard work and money — now potentially wasted — into.

One of my professors found out about going online during our class. How does the school expect professors to make that change with no warning or even proper communication as to what they can tell students who are scared and panicking in class? My professor was basically mapping out his semester during our class because so many students had unanswered questions.

And our $92 parking pass fee? To not park on campus? Talk about a rip-off. I am sure there will be some excuse from parking enforcement as to why that is a non-refundable or non-negotiable purchase.

Lastly, graduation. What a waste that we do not get to have the full exciting experience of GradFest on March 17 and 18. I was looking forward to taking pictures with my best friend who is also graduating, and taking in the excitement to share that day with all of my other colleagues who worked hard to experience that once-in-a-lifetime moment.

The list really goes on, and I know it is too soon to say anything about the graduation ceremony, but I do not see a positive outcome for graduation right now. That is such a sad thing to think about for seniors who are counting down the days.

The coronavirus is scary for the people who are at more risk, and yes, those who have it or are prone to get it should have the right to stay home.­

However, I feel this virus has gotten out of control because of the media attention. 

What I thought was just memes and a break from school has really turned out to be a scary time for all of us to sit on the edge of our toes and see what is yet to come.­

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